The Resume is Dead – Enter the “Digime”

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Job hunting in the global market is not for the faint of heart.

Aspiring professionals in all career fields are competing with seasoned veterans as well as hundreds of thousands of digital natives from all over the globe.

Traditional resumes simply don’t cut it anymore. In short, the resume is dead. Luckily for professionals looking to establish their brand and further their career, there is another way – Enter the Digime.

What is a Digime? A Digime is the “digital you.” It is your online brand that digitally represents both your personal and business life. It is made up of all of your social profiles, your blog, and most importantly, your portfolio.

Believe it or not, companies don’t want to hear you say that you can do something; they want to see it in real life. And while traditional resumes may still be taken into account in the hiring process, they will not be the sole factor in the company’s yes or no decision.

Assets That Make Up Your Digime (Digital Resume)

1. Your Social Media Profiles

Your social media profiles make up the personal side of you. Everything you choose to post socially is what you are telling prospective employers that you enjoy doing outside of work.

As with all aspects of your Digime, this is completely shaped by what you decide to put forward.

Keep what you post to social media light, authentic, and in line with your personal brand. Companies are looking for employees that fit within their culture and social media is one thing they will surely check.

2. Your Blog

Don’t have a blog? It’s never to late to start. Blogs can be used as a tool for anyone, but they are especially important for digital and content marketing professionals.

The point of a blog isn’t necessarily to see how many followers you have, but to develop communication and writing skills so that potential employers can see your work in action.

You can even host a quasi-blog on LinkedIn – LinkedIn now makes it easier than ever for anyone to publish online.

Find the sweet spot between what you are good at and what you are passionate about and blog about it.

3. Your Work Portfolio

At the core of your Digime is a work portfolio. This is made up of your personal website and LinkedIn profile.

Having an optimized LinkedIn profile is a no-brainer for most professionals these days so I will spare you the details, however, an online portfolio is where many professionals are going.

For example, friend and designer Kenny Sing created this professional portfolio to showcase his design work.

Composed of your personal summary/bio, work examples, campaign highlights, photography, designs, artwork, and illustrations, your online portfolio is a visual representation of what you bring to the company table.

Why Your Digime is Important

Your Digime helps to establish your personal brand.

Before meeting you in person, prospective employers will have already formed an opinion of you based on your online brand. It is entirely up to you how you shape this initial impression.

Your Digime allows you to showcase your work, projects, and career in ways that were previously impossible.

It’s done through visuals. Psychologically, consumers instinctively love graphics, images, videos, infographics, and everything else that stimulates their visual senses. The same goes for employers and recruiters.

“Studies demonstrate that the visual aspect of a product is the primary influencing factor to taking an action.” Your personal brand is your product.

Your Digime shows that you are with the times.

Now that seemingly everyone (even their pets) has a blog, savvy professionals are moving to an array of personal online assets.

As rudimentary as it sounds, “keeping up with the Joneses” is alive and well in our culture. The Joneses just happen to be online.

Developing your Digime will separate you from the crowd and prove to potential employers that you are a creative individual with a track record of successful campaigns and big results.