The Trick to Finding Happiness in Your Career

finding happiness in your career, happiness

“Then, when you’re no longer thinking ahead, each footstep isn’t just a means to an end but a unique event in itself… To live for some future goal is shallow. It’s the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top.”

In adult life, so much emphasis is placed on career goals. The cycle of setting and achieving career goals has always been said to be a good marker of success – and success is said to be a good marker of happiness.

Unfortunately, this happiness ends up being constantly deferred because the next goal is based on some future job offer, promotion, or raise. You become dissatisfied with your current job situation because you’re convinced the next step in your career promises greener pastures.

The truth is, if you can’t find ways to be content with the job you have right now, then you’re not guaranteed to find happiness waiting at the finish line of your next achievement.

Success and happiness are states of mind, not trophies given to those with the most bullet points on their résumé.

Here’s a trick that can help you tremendously in finding happiness with your current job:

Pretend that the job you have right now is the only one you’ll have for the rest of your life.

Pretend that the job you have right now is the only one you'll have for the rest of your life.Click To Tweet

No quitting, no promotions, just the same weekly work routine, forever. Realize that all feelings of doubt, negativity, and dissatisfaction towards your current job are here to stay, unless you change those attitudes.

The best career goal you can set does not involve a raise or promotion, it involves a conscious effort to find happiness with your current position while moving along the path toward future success.

If you can approach work with a more open-minded, positive mindset, previously hidden characteristics of your job will begin to reveal themselves to you and greatly improve your outlook on work. Then, not only will you be happy with what the future brings, you’ll be happy with the life that’s right in front of you.

This new mindset can help you identify your notions of doubt and negativity toward your job, then take action to correct those notions. There are countless ways to do this, and each individual approach may be different.

Below are a few suggestions that you can use to improve your perspective on current job and gain of sense of belonging where you work.

  • Build Relationships

Discover how to enjoy spending time with the people you work with. Go out of your way to develop your relationships with your coworkers and superiors

  • Improve Environment

Develop a productive workspace and a steady routine that give you a sense of comfort when you’re on the job

  • Find a Purpose

Identify the key tasks that you can accomplish each day that will make you feel truly needed at work. Contributing in seemingly small ways can have a substantial impact

  • Challenge Yourself

Develop curiosity in the work that you do and build knowledge of your craft. Take on new challenges to push yourself toward achieving as much as possible in the context of your current position

  • Develop Lifelong Skills

Take advantage of career building opportunities at your disposal. Furthermore, build the skills that can reflect in areas of your life outside of work.

The most important thing is to develop an active awareness of your work circumstances. If you dislike an aspect of your job and aren’t making efforts to create change internally or externally, then you are only hurting yourself and postponing your own happiness.

Take control of the situation and start being happy with work today instead of tomorrow.

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